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Communicating Research for Evidence-based Policymaking
A practical guide for researchers in socio-economic sciences and humanities, 2010
60 pages, 1.5 MB download
SPIA is a European science-policy interface agency specializing in policy-relevant research communications. Headquartered in Berlin, the agency serves public institutions and research consortia with an international, interdisciplinary profile.

SPIA is the brainchild of its Director, Terry Martin, a veteran public affairs journalist who wrote the European Commission’s 2010 guidebook “Communicating Research for Evidence-based Policymaking” (Research Directorate-General). Like SPIA itself, the booklet provides practical guidance to the dissemination efforts of EU-sponsored research projects, particularly in the fields of socio-economic sciences and humanities. Both SPIA and the guide have their genesis in an elaborate process of consultations with European policymakers, researchers and journalists on how to bridge the science-policy communications gap.

SPIA actively supports European Union efforts to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth (Europe 2020). And it wholeheartedly endorses initiatives enabling researchers to produce policy-relevant insights on a pan-European scale.