CONSIDER - Civil Society Organisations in Designing Research Governance

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CONSIDER undertook conceptually sound and empirically rich research to establish a model of civil society organization (CSO) participation in research. Using a conceptual grid of analysis and empirical data, the project developed a model representing relationships and causal effects of factors influencing CSO participation. 

No such model previously existed, which rendered it difficult to plan, implement and evaluate CSO participation in research. Stakeholders requiring such a model include researchers, research funders, policy makers and CSOs.

The project formulated guidelines and policy recommendations for relevant stakeholders. In doing so CONSIDER made a substantial contribution to the further development of the European Research Area.

SPIA was responsible for drafting CONSIDER's policy briefs, moderating conferences and workshops, overseeing consultations with key stakeholders and developing guidelines for engaging CSOs in research. 

Launched in February 2012, the CONSIDER research project was completed in January 2015.

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