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A Flash-IT publication series

FLASH-IT’s Policy Research Alerts highlight newsworthy developments in EU-funded research projects dealing with Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH). Aimed at policymakers and researchers alike, the Alerts focus on SSH research findings that are relevant to Europe's policy priorities, particularly those enshrined in the Europe 2020 strategy. Similar in format to press releases, the one-page Alerts are issued every few weeks. Electronic subscriptions are available free of charge from the Flash-IT project website.

European Heritage
November 2014
The Future of Integration
  321 KB


Research Meets Diplomacy
September 2014
Europe as a Global Actor
  324 KB


Transatlantic Elites
June 2014
Of One Mind?
  328 KB


Shaping European Identity
May 2014
Museums and Migration
  328 KB


Sustainable Societies
March 2014
Pathways to a Green Economy
328 KB


Social Innovation
December 2013
Optimising the Win-Win Approach
  332 KB


Welfare, Wealth and Work for Europe (WWW)
November 2013
Analytical Strength for Europe 2020
  324 KB

Religion and Law
October 2013
Managing diversity
  330 KB

European Transnationalism
September 2013
Cross-border practices and EU citizenship
 328 KB


August 2013
Strengthening media freedom and accountability
 316 KB


European Identity
August 2013
20 Years of EU citizenship
 332 KB


Corporate Social Responsibility
June 2013
Measuring CSR impact
 315 KB


Improving Educational Trajectories
June 2013
Integrating students and parents into educational decision-making
 328 KB

Online Privacy
April 2013
Are European internet users giving up their rights?
  324 KB

Cohesian Policy Workshop
January 2013
Strengening regional cohesian in the EU neighborhood 

   318 KB

Health Care: Patient Payment Practices 
January 2013
Researchers find major health system problems in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)       318 KB


Employment and Quality of Life

October 2012 
Nearly half of Europe’s recently created jobs involve ‘problematic working conditions'       323 KB


Labour Policy Development
October 2012 
EU-Funded research supports policy learning on employment   
320 KB


Handbook on Cultural Diversity 
August 2012  
Handbook on cultural diversity offers guidance for inclusive societies   
   339 KB


Poverty Assessment
August 2012 
Perennially poor? A major reassessment of poverty in developing countries gets underway  
   305 KB


Joint Database on Intangibles
July 2012 
Joint database on intangible assets unveiled: EU research playing vital role   

    314 KB

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